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Allagante WSpirit Max Velocity has become a Tri champion in performance events ( oval, straight, and lure coursing)

by the middle of 2015 Allagante Cartier Diamond won her 8th BIF, only other Silken BIF winners ever are Allagante Premier Rose and Allagante WSpirit Turbocinno "Mocha" 


Allagante Golden Highlights "Halle" became the first Silken Quad champion  (conformation, Oval, straight, and lure coursing) 

Allagante High Flyer of Myth "Solo" became an ISWS Champion after only 4 shows

Allagante High Flyer of Myth "Solo" took BOSS at SilkenFest Puppy Sweeps

Allagante WSpirit Max Velocity "Pagani" took an AOM at SilkenFest 2014
Allagante Light Up the Sky "Sky" achieved her ASFA FCH 5/10/14
Allagante Cartier Diamond  "Cartier" Made history by being the 1st AFA BIF and then repeated it the next day
Allagante Golden Highlights "Halle" #1 ASFA & #2 NOTRA for 2013
Allagante Sangaris - owned by Jackie Koski #1 NOTRA 2013 
Allagante Greased Lightning "Sand" # 2 ASFA for 2013 
Allagante Mohegan Sun "Nike" won WD & BOW at BooFest 2013  
Allagante Golden Highlights "Halle" won WB, BOW, and BOS at BooFest 2013 
Allagante Cartier Diamond "Cartier" won BOB for ASFA coursing BooFest 2013   
 Allagante Mystic Topaz "Rio" (owned by Lydia Jorgenston) won BISS at SilkenFest 2013 - two years in a row an Allagante dog has won BISS at SilkenFest
Allagante Golden Highlights "Halle" won BOB and open ASFA coursing at SilkenFest 2013 
Allagante Greased Lightning "Sand" achieved his ASFA FCH in June 
Allagante Light Up the Sky "Sky" won WB, BOW, & BOS at NWFest 2013 
Allagante Light Up the Sky "Sky" achieved her ISWS championship in July
Allagante Chinook Winds "Chino" won BISS at NWFest 2013 
Allagante Golden Highlights "Halle" achieved her ASFA FCH ORTC in July 
Allagante Golden Highlights "Halle" achieved her NOTRA ORTC in Sept.  
Allagante Mohegan Sun "Nike" achieved his ASFA FCH in OCT 
Allagante Cartier Diamond "Cartier" achieved her ASFA FCH in OCT  
Allagante Chinook Winds "Chino" achieved her ISWS championship in OCT 


Allagante Hot Tamale " Tootsie" (owned by Jane Taylor) WON BISS at SilkenFest 2012
Allagante Mai Tai Davan "Lego" (owned by us and Iola Stetson) won WD & AOM at SilkenFest 2012
Allagante Light up the Sky Won Puppy Sweeps and Reserve WB at SilkenFest 2012
Seiran Ayame Windspirit "Hillevi" (owned by us & Lucille Meale) won Best Veteran & AOM at SilkenFest 2012
Allagante Sangaris ( owned by Jackie Koski) #1 Oval Racer in 2012 (2nd year in a row)
Allagante Rvnwoods Grand Cayman (owned by Jackie Koski #2 Oval raccer in 2012

9 out of the 20 Top Lure coursers of 2012 were Allagante dogs.

Allagante Hot Tamale " Tootsie" (owned by Jane Taylor) is the #1 UKC dog for 2012


Allagante Windspirit Barbados (owned by J Vookles) #1 ASFA Lure courser 2011

Allagante Sangaris ( owned by Jackie Koski) #1 Oval racer 2011

Allagante Temora became the first female oval champion for Silkens

June 2011
Allagante Hot Tamale "Tootsie" became the FIRST UKC champion of Silkens 

5/7/2011 SilkenFest Nationals
Hillevi wins BOS
Lakota wins BOS puppy
Hillevi takes second in lure coursing flight A
Lego takes second in lure coursing flight B
Although taking first in each course is Bados and Rio who are both out of our Kennel and congrats to Bados for going Best of Breed!

March 2011 UKC recognizes Silkens! 


Allagante Christian Dior ( owned by Keith & Jolene Hicks & us ) #1 Lure courser 2010

 Apache is the 1STand only Silken to acheived the NAKC title of SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION
click here for a list of all his titles

Apache wins Best In Show at the Specialty
Chiana wins Best of Opposite 
Apache also is high point Veteran at Straight racing.


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