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Allagante Chinook Winds

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Allagante Chinook Winds
Call name = Chino
Sire= Allagante Gambler El Encanto
Dam=Allagante Luna Chiana
Height:      23"
Weight:     35 lbs
Color:       Red Brindle
Markings: Spotted on White
DOB:        6/25/2007
MDR1 PQ Clear
CEA tested Clear
ISWS CH - 2013 

Chino's name, Chinook Winds, came from being in the "Casino litter" which came because his daddy is called Allagante Gambler. Gambler is currently owned by Linda Garland of El Encanto Silkens. Chino loves to talk to me. He has a complete vocal range. Most to tell me how much he loves me. He also enjoys sitting curled up next to me on the counch. He is a true love bug!

Chino has produced some excellent litters in both the performance and conformation areas. Chino's first litter ( the butterfly litter) proved they can fly. His son Sangaris (owned by Jackie Koski of Ravenwood Kennels) was the first Iron Hound in a contest down in Elk Grove, CA. involving, straight racing, oval racing and lure coursing.  His daughter Temora also is one of the fastest girls I ahve ever seen and keeping up with the big boys when she isn't laying under the covers in my bed or not running due to heat cycles. Her first Lure course event she won at a little over a year old against 21 other Silkens.  His Daughter Halle, is the 2nd ever Silken to get a NOTRA ORTC.


Chino loves to play with the other dogs but is not a huge playhound. He ends up more of a watcher then a player. He loves laying on the couch beside you chewing one of his chewies.


Although Chino is not a "playhound" he sure took to racing recently. He ends up thinking too much sometimes but not when he saw the lure take off. Chino is a "thinker" trying to work things out in his mind. Thinking too much can be Chino's downfall sometimes because it makes him nervous meeting new dogs.  Although the past couple of months has seen a vast improvment, we continue working on that area of his personality but I am glad that all of his offspring seem to be very outgoing and not in the least nervous. In fact they seem to be the opposite in that aspect. Very social butterflies they are.


Chino is very striking looking with the vibrant colors especially against the snow.


chino playing
photo taken by Jeff Yen
chino playing
photo taken by Jeff Yen
chino playing
photo taken by Jeff Yen